Columbia goes for the bronze with Doc Savage

Columbia pictures is bringing Doc Savage, the original action hero, back to the big screen.

Doc Savage was one of the most popular heroes of the pulps in the 1930s and 40s, first appearing in a novel entitled The Man of Bronze, and later getting his own magazine. He went on to appear in comics, but only made it to film once, in a feature that was more camp than anything else. (It’s available on DVD exclusively from Warner Bros. Archives.) Nonetheless, it’s safe to say he inspired many of the characters we know and love, including a certain state-named archaeologist.

Now, according to Variety, Doc is fighting his way back onto the big screen. Shane Black (Writer Lethal Weapon, Director Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) who owns a huge collection of antique pulps and detective novels, is attached to the property to direct from a script that he’s working on with Chuck Mondry and Anthony Bagarozzi (Tick Tock, Cold Warrior).

According to Columbia Co-President Matt Tolmach:

Doc Savage is an icon, a character with limitless possibilities. We have had a great experience working with Neal to bring another classic character of the era, the Green Hornet, to a new generation of fans, and we think he and Shane make the ideal team to bring Doc Savage back to the bigscreen.

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  1. Written by arkonbey
    on 2010-02-23 at 17:03

    I remember being way into Doc S. as a kid. I can't for the life of me remember much except they flew autogyros (sweet!) and that the sub-character of Monk may have been the inspiration for Hank McCoy/The Beast.

    I hope this works. The odds says it won't. As far as pulp-based films go, we only got one good Conan film and the less said about The Phantom and poor Remo Williams the better.

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