Fox to take 24 to theaters

Jack Bauer may be coming to the big screen. Twentieth Century Fox’s TV and film studios have decided that it’s time for the small screen hero of 24 to make the transition to film.

According to Variety, the company hired screenwriter Billy Ray (State of Play, Flightplan) to come up with a script. The result, which takes Bauer to Europe,  has proven to be a hit with Kiefer Sutherland, star and producer on the show, as well as Fox Executives.

Though still in very early preliminaries, the film would be produced by the executives from the show, including Sutherland. A lot of factors are still to be decided, including whether or not this season of the show is the final one and if so, whether Fox decides to shop out the show to other networks. These could end up delaying the film, although it is unlikely the executives would want to wait too long on the film, as X-Files has shown that releasing a film version of your popular TV show while it’s still on-air is a smarter bet than waiting several years.

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