Dreamworks is taking us to The Museum of SuperNatural History

Maybe we could sell Movie Make-out: The Movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dreamworks is looking into turning popular blog Musunahi, or the Museum of SuperNatural History, into a film. The blog’s curator, Ernest Lupinacci, who considers his website a “trans-media brand to be to the paranormal world what National Geographic is to the real world” is coming on as executive producer.

On any given day, another ancient temple is uncovered by Google Earth and NASA telescopes come closer to finding intelligent life in the galaxy. Science is on the verge of cloning extinct creatures, and man and machine are approaching the so-called singularity. These sorts of things all contribute to the enduring fascination and universal appeal of this subject matter. The supernatural is ‘the make believe you can believe in.’

Dreamworks and Producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (Dinner for Schmucks, Motorcade) are talking with writers over how to best draft those ideas into a  film which would “center on the curator of the covert Museum of Supernatural History, who must seek out and protect the world’s best kept secrets.”

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  1. Written by MO--
    on 2010-02-06 at 23:39

    So, we're getting movies based on board games (Monopoly), on social networks (the 'Facebook: The Movie' you talked about some weeks ago) and on blogs, but what's next?
    May I suggest movies based on cereals? I mean, think of the potential! How many people visit that blog, musunahi? I have no idea, but I'm certain the number of people loving cereals is a million times higher.
    Come on, Hollywood, give us Corn Flakes(tm): The Movie!

    If only I could think of a story, I'd write the script myself and get filthy rich …

  2. Written by BlueNight
    on 2010-02-09 at 07:16

    Wow; it'll be like The Librarian: The Movie. Oh, wait, that's already a movie. Make that Warehouse 13: The Movie.

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