Quote and link of the day: The best movie Tony Jaa has never made (yet)

I’ve read many thrillers where the soldier of fortune or archaeologist or secret agent sneaks into some temple in Cambodia or Peru or whatever, to steal the eye of an ancient idol. He then runs for his very life as fuming natives chase him to carve out his giblets. The opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark is a good example.

But. Has anyone ever done a scene in a movie where someone from another land (okay, how about Tony Jaa?) comes to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and makes off with the little plate that holds the Host? And he’s then chased out into the street by the outraged congregation? And shot at by irked cops who happen to be Irish-American and good Catholic boys? Do you think anyone would catch the reversal or would audiences just be whispering to each, “What the hell?”
–Dr Hermes, while describing a movie that I’d definitely pay good money to see.

While you’re at it, check out his gallery of obscure movie stills, complete with commentary. It’s this kind of thing that was made for moving to a WordPress-type blog, you know? I sure do wish someone would show him how to make one because this is some great material that deserves a wider audience.

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