Bill Murray to spice up Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox's Passion Play

O, to be Mickey Rourke.

One minute, your career is hanging by a thread, the next, you’ve won a Golden Globe, have an Academy Award nomination, and movie offers are once again pouring at your feet. And now, Bill Murray joins the cast of your next indie movie? That’s gotta be pretty sweet.

From‘s movie blog comes the news that Bill Murray will be replacing Toby Kebbell as the villain in Passion Play which stars Rourke as a down-on-his-luck trumpet player who is trying to rescue a sideshow freak who has wings growing out of her back (played by Megan Fox) from Murray’s gangster.

Currently filming in New Mexico, the movie is the directorial debut of screenwriter Mitch Glazer who previously worked with Murray on Scrooged. Already, the paparazzi are covering this movie like white on rice and have already reported on the possibility of Fox appearing topless in the movie. No, I am not going to link to those images because we’re a safe-for-work blog.

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