Sam Worthington ditches Angelina Jolie in favor of American Crime

LastDaysCrimeIn the movie The Sound of Music, naive apprentice nun Maria says to Captain von Trapp that when “the Lord closes a door, He opens a window.” In the case of Australian actor Sam Worthington, it was more like “When the other creatives decide to get a little rambunctious, it’s time to exercise your option, and get the hell out of that movie and into a new one.”

Which is exactly what it looks like Worthington did when he left the set of The Tourist due to “creative differences,” and signed on to film The Last Days of American Crime instead, according to Variety.

Based on a bi-monthly comic book miniseries written by Rick Remender and drawn by Greg Tocchini from Radical Publishing—the first of three issues will ship next month—Crime tells the tale of an possible future where the U.S. government plans to use a secret signal which will make it impossible for anyone to consciously break the law.

This leaves Tourist with a different male lead, and is likely to start a crop of rumors about how difficult it can be to work with Angelina Jolie or Alfonso Cuaron.

I really feel for the Tourist producers right now. All they want to do is make a little movie about an American traveling abroad who gets drawn into a cat-and-mouse game between Interpol and a man with whom she once did the horizontal mambo, but they keep losing lead actors. And even though Variety says that Johnny Depp is now the lead actor, I can’t buy that there would be any chemistry at all between him and Jolie.

Let’s just hope it all works out in the end.

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