Trisha's Take: When one 'tube feeds another

ShatnerquakeIf you’re a Wil Wheaton fan like I am, then you probably have already read his blog entry about how you can get a free book download today only.

The book in question is called Shatnerquake by Jeff Burk and Wheaton’s description makes it sound like it’s as much of fun read as Free Enterprise was to watch:

It’s like Lloyd Kaufman and Sam Rami’s mutant offspring wrote a book. It’s very funny, and doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is: The William Shatner locked in surreal and hyperreal mortal combat with every character he’s ever played, from the Priceline guy to Kirk.

I just downloaded the book and am throwing a little tip money into Burk’s jar, and I’ll tell you why: It’s all because of movies like Clerks and Paranormal Activity.

I love that Kevin Smith maxed out his credit cards to make a little black and white movie about my generation and most of that money went to securing the music rights. I love that Oren Peli’s casting notice was so unconventional that no regular agency would have ever considered sending any actors to the auditions.

I love how people like Smith and Peli and now Burk took a chance with their art and how that with interaction via Twitter and the blogosphere, us “normal” non-Hollywood types can have a way to give back and help them succeed. The “cost” of the free download is to write a review on Amazon or GoodReads and you bet I’ll be doing that tonight after I leave the office.

I wish more filmmakers interacted with the public this way.

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