Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds share TMI

tmiThere’s really only so many ways you can write that headline.

Anyway, Variety has reported that the recently all-shook-up Universal Pictures “regime” has picked up rights for Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Marc Klein’s TMI, with plans to turn it into a Ryan Reynolds/Anna Faris reunion. The film revolves around a couple who learns that “while honesty is the best policy for a relationship, ‘too much information’ might not be the best thing.”

The two stars were great together in the otherwise so-so Just Friends and forgettable together in the inexplicably popular Waiting…, but regular MM readers (and Triple Feature listeners) will know that I think both of them are comedic talents waiting for the right vehicle. Is this one it? Hell if I know yet. But Smith’s credits include some fondly-remembered fluff like 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, and The House Bunny… but then she also co-wrote The Ugly Truth. Marc Klein, for his part, penned Serendipity and a Sarah Michelle Gellar/Alec Baldwin flick called Suburban Girl that I’ve never heard of. So yeah.

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