The Hangover + 35 years = CBS Films' Last Vegas

It’s almost as if Hollywood is not even trying anymore.

Variety reported last night that Peter Chelsom (Shall We Dance?, Hannah Montana: The Movie) will be directing a movie for CBS Films about four friends who travel to Las Vegas when one of them is on the verge of getting married.

If you think this sounds awfully similar to this summer’s sleeper hit The Hangover, you’d be right but here’s the “twist” that is keeping the CBS’ movie from being “too derivative”—the guys will be in their 60s!

Quoth Chelsom in the article when asked about the movie:

These are four guys from Coney Island, who, when we meet them, think they are invincible. I think the film should attract four great stars in that age range.

The script is by Bolt and Fred Claus writer Dan Fogelman with Julie & Julia‘s Laurence Mark producing.

I can’t wait to see who they get to be in this movie.

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