Sony Pictures Classics acquires Zhang Yimou's Blood Simple remake

According to a new release from Sony Pictures Classics (via Coming Soon), the production company has acquired To Live and House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou’s upcoming “thriller-comedy” remake of Blood Simple, the first film by Joel and Ethan Coen. The release says the film is untitled, although a Hollywood Reporter article from June mentioned it was called San Qiang Pai An Jing Qi (The Stunning Case of the Three Gun Shots). My assumption is that the remake won’t be using a literal translation of that.

The remake, which started shooting last month, moves the action from the middle of nowhere in Texas to set “a Chinese noodle shop in a sand dune-specked desert.… The owner of the noodle shop’s seemingly simple plan to murder his adulterous wife and her lover quickly spins out of control after the introduction of a gun into the lives of characters more accustomed to knives and swords.”

You can watch a trailer for the original film here (obviously created a few years later):

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