Trailer Watch: Not really a Cemetery Junction teaser

Although Ricky Gervais has The Invention of Lying out soon (co-written and co-directed with Matthew Robinson), he’s already back with his The Office and Extras writing partner, Stephen Merchant, on his next film, Cemetery Junction, “a 1970s-set comedy centered on three upstart professional men working at an insurance company.” The new film started shooting last month, but they took about thirty seconds out of that to whip up this:

(To be fair, Mr. Fiennes was hilariously deadpan in In Bruges, one of my favorites from last year.)

In addition to Fiennes, Gervais and Merchant, Cemetery Junction also stars Emily Watson, Matthew Goode (Watchmen), and Steve Speirs, and it’s slated for 2010 release. The UK has it down for April 7th, apparently, but there’s nothing more specific for the US yet. (via Cinematical)

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