Green Hornet to trade places with Adam Sandler in 2010

Sandler-RogenThanks to the recent success of The Hangover (over $204 million grossed domestically versus a $35 million budget), Sony Pictures has decided that next year, five guys in a comedy will get precedence over a superhero film as their beginning-of-summer push.

According to Variety, the Adam Sandler-penned-and-starring Grown-Ups will be opening on June 25, 2010 moving up from its original March release date and moving the Seth Rogen-penned-and-starring Green Hornet forward to July 9.

Honestly, I can’t blame them for making that choice because as Peter Bart possibly predicted last September and had been born out by some of the types of movies that came out of the Great Depression, it seems as if people love, want, and need their “lovely happy bunny movies” during this economic crisis—as the numbers for The Hangover and The Proposal (over $100 million worldwide, over a budget of $40 million and still in fourth place this past weekend) have proven.

Other films that will be opening around both movies in 2010 are:

June 25: Despicable Me (Universal Pictures), Predators (20th Century Fox)
June 30: Twilight: The Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
July 2: The Last Airbender (Paramount Pictures)

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