Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Figuring out Michael Bay’s id

Could you sum up the film in one line of its dialogue?
“I am standing directly beneath the enemy’s scrotum.”

Topless Robot‘s Rob Bricken (and my former managing editor at Anime Insider) tries to explain everything you never needed to know about Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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  1. Written by Hexadecimal
    on 2009-07-01 at 09:07

    That was freakin’ hilarious. :)

  2. Written by BlueNight
    on 2009-07-03 at 22:53

    I found myself split in my judgement of TF2.

    I found the humor crude, unfunny, and ultimately forgettable; at best it shows how anyone trying to imitate humanity (the Twins) ends up just looking silly, and at worst it proves Megatron right about those puny flesh creatures being worthless.

    I found the plot deeply complelling, partly because it was not exclusively told from the point-of-view of Sam. Largely it was, but we did have scenes with robots talking to robots with NO HUMANS AROUND. That in itself is a major achievement compared to the prior film. The extra continuity points (the Fallen, the Matrix, the Primes, Autobot vs. Decepticon being a choice) were delicious, and I understood every bit of it, unlike Ebert.

    It helps that I took a sense of perspective on the original series by watching The Five Faces Of Doom before I left for the film. The original Transformers had some wacky plots and retcons too; Bay’s is just shinier and cruder.

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