Producer trio to shed light on Havana Nocturne

Havana NocturneHemingway made it his home, while and Hollywood stars made it their playground. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a trio of movie producers are looking to bring some of that former lustre back to Havana, Cuba.

Based on the best-selling non-fiction novel by T.J. English, Havana Nocturne will tell the story of how American mobsters turned Havana into a primo vacation destination and how everything fell apart when Fidel Castro’s revolution came.

The three who are producing are Eric Eisner (Hamlet 2), Gil Adler (Superman Returns), and Shane McCarthy (Sweet Judy Blue Eyes); Matt Cirulnick (“South Beach”) is writing the screenplay.

I think that showcasing this part of Cuba’s history is pretty important to capture on film because so many classic films involve a subplot of going to Havana for a night of fun and freedom, like in Guys and Dolls where Miss Sarah Brown gets drunk on a rum drink that the Wall St. Journal has now more accurately described as a Doncellita.

To get to see and visualize what that period of time was like would be pretty cool; here’s hoping that they can get some great talent to go with this movie.

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