TV and film actress Farrah Fawcett dies at the age of 62

Farrah Fawcett

As reported by several sources including CNN, her representatives announced that after battling the disease for three years, Farrah Fawcett succumbed to anal cancer. She was 62.

Though most of her fame came from her single season role as Jill Munroe on the TV series “Charlie’s Angel,” Fawcett had previously had some small roles in such popular movies as Logan’s Run (1976) and The Cannonball Run (1981).

After her departure from the show, Fawcett enjoyed huge acclaim in TV movies such as The Burning Bed in 1984 for which she received Emmy and Golden Globes nominations and Extremities in 1986, in which she also appeared in the stage play of the same name.

Her last serious film role was as Robert Duvall’s wife in The Apostle in 1997 for which she also received an Independent Spirit award nomination.

She is survived by her son Redmond O’Neal by her longtime lover Ryan O’Neal.

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