Trailer Watch: The Last Airbender teaser trailer

A teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s big-screen adaptation of (Avatar:) The Last Airbender has hit the web thanks to YouTube, and it’s pretty cool, visually. It probably won’t completely satisfy those hardcore Avatar fans who have been bitching about the casting choices, but… well, it’s what you’re getting, kids. See it or don’t.

The Last Airbender hits theaters on July 10, 2010. It stars Noah Ringer as Aang, Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Toub, and Nicola Peltz.

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  1. Written by Matt
    on 2009-06-23 at 16:20

    When you say thanks to YouTube, you mean GameTrailers right?

    I find the kids’ show to be quite a lot worse than what I grew up on… so no comment.

  2. Written by DJ Purkis
    on 2009-06-23 at 17:11

    Matt, what did you grow up on, out of interest? There’s a hell of a lot of shows that I grew up on that I think could be kickstarted as successful movie franchises…

    Personally, I think Avatar is eminently more watchable than some of the Saturday morning reboots currently making the rounds. Transformers, G.I. JOE et al are dire, and as much as I would like to see a M.A.S.K. movie in the works, I acknowledge that all of these shows hold little value apart from nostalgia value (I’m not saying the movies aren’t entertaining…I’m just saying I wouldn’t watch the original series if they weren’t linked to my childhood).

    Also overrated and/or bizarrely over-celebrated:
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
    …his twin sis’ She-Ra.
    Thundercats (not terrible…just far too hyped for what it was, and yes, I grew up with it.)
    BraveStarr (God, Bravestarr was awful…but its theme tune is second only to M.A.S.K.)

    And the list goes on.

    Mysterious Cities of Gold, Pirates of Dark Water, Disney’s Gargoyles, Batman: The Animated Series (Bruce Timm’s awesome aesthetic, and the invention of one Harley Quinn), Samurai Jack and, yes, Avatar, are series that over the past twentyish years have been entertaining to both adults and children.

    I was kind of ambivalent about the whole ‘Aang Aint White’ thing until I saw the series, at which point it became fairly straightforward that it makes no sense whatsoever to hire a caucasian cast :D. Oh well, that definitely doesn’t rile me up as much as Shyamalan’s name up over the title in big letters that come across very much like “M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender”.

    Of course, that’s not what it actually says; but there’s a big dose of visual implication there, and it stinks. /end fanboy rant

  3. Written by Matt
    on 2009-06-23 at 19:13

    Gargoyles is one of the shows I loved as a kid and then it vanished from the air… I was so confused as a child.

    I still think He-Man was awesome, just the movie wasn’t. And there were good GI Joe episodes, plenty of them, as well as Transformers, but you cannot condense it to a single movie.
    You can’t make anythign into a movie with Michael Bay at the helm…
    I also loved Dragon Ball, the original, not Z. DBZ was also good, but the original had a naive charm that it lost in the transition to epic fights with endless continuations.

    I hated Thundercats. I always thought it looked rubbish and jsut didn’t get the point.

    What else do I remember? Batman and Spider-Man, Freakazoid, Tom and Jerry, Top Cat, Ren and Stimpy, Johnny Bravo, hmmm… off the top of my head, that’s all I can think of. Oh yeah, TMNT.
    Of course there was Power Rangers, but I knew it was bad, I just loved it.

  4. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2009-06-23 at 20:16

    Matt, if you must know, I found out about the trailer being online from /Film, but since they did not post it, I didn’t feel it’s necessary to credit them as a source. I cite original sources, not second-hand sources.

    I do not read GameTrailers. I am not a gamer. Their self-described “exclusive” does not seem to be particularly exclusive.

  5. Written by Indy
    on 2009-06-23 at 23:34

    This looks not that half bad. I checked the TV series once and awhile it was very good, some episodes were deep and/or dark, especially in later episodes.
    And DJ Purkis, the real reason it’s called “The Last Airbender” was because the studio (or Night) wasn’t able to register the name “Avatar” in time, another film got the rights to the name “Avatar”

  6. Written by djpowwow
    on 2009-06-23 at 23:59

    This teaser actually looks pretty good. I like the big fleet of Fire Nation ships at the end. All that was missing was the big flying bison zooming by…

    BTW, to DJ Purkis, you just broke my heart by dissing BraveStarr. I know it doesn’t quite hold up to today’s standards of quality, but it wasn’t like we Native kids had very many heroes to look up to when we were growing up in the 80’s, and that’s pretty true today as well. Myself, I wouldn’t mind a GOOD re-boot of BraveStarr… the space-western storyline has worked well for other, more recent shows (Firefly, Trigun…)

  7. Written by DJ Purkis
    on 2009-06-24 at 15:57

    djpowow, I regard BraveStarr’s heritage as one of the plus points to the show, but it’s not entertaining from a more mature perspective. As a kid, BraveStarr was the shizzuh.

    And Indy, I don’t care about the title. The Last Airbender was the subtitle to the series. I care about Shyamalan’s name getting all that screenspace. The manner and arrangement of the text is also suggestive and reminiscent of a creator’s claim to an original intellectual property, which it obviously isn’t. I don’t know why you seem to think I have an issue with the title itself.

    Think about what it would look like if ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ had been called ‘Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula’. It just bugs me. I’m not going to start a petition or anything.

  8. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2009-06-24 at 22:09

    It says “An M. Night Shymalan Film” above the title, not “M. Night Shymalan’s…” — and while it may seem like a subtle difference, I don’t think that it’s fair to say it’s a creative claim to anything other than the film.

    This type treatment makes it a bit more prominent than, say, “A Michael Bay Film” is above the word “Transformers” on all of those posters, granted, but I just don’t agree with your sentiment.

  9. Written by Antony
    on 2009-06-25 at 02:15

    All this did was remind me that this movie was coming out and that M. Night Shymalan sucks. This makes me :( for days.

    Also, if Shymalan didn’t made the fire nation Indians in a clear attempt to jam his stupid face into yet another one of his films then I WILL EAT A HAT.

  10. Written by Ronell
    on 2009-06-25 at 11:12

    I really don’t care about the casting. If they’re good they’re good, my problem comes in whether or not M.Night will capture the greatness of the show. I believe he is a capable (sometimes amazing) film maker who I wouldn’t have thought as an option to make this film, but I hope he captures the joy and action in the original.

    Matt says the show is awful compared to what he grew up on, but the difference for me is I can watch Avatar as an adult and love it. I’ve watched Thundercats, He-Man, Captain N, etc. recently as an adult and it is unwatchable. The intent behind Avatar is to tell a story first, whereas the aforementioned shows were nothing more than commercials with more commercials every 8 minutes.

  11. Written by Matt
    on 2009-06-27 at 08:52
  12. Written by Lethal Interjection
    on 2009-06-30 at 07:40

    I’ll have to see more than the teaser to give any proper judgements. I haven’t got much interest in the movie, but it is M. Night, doing something a bit more mainstream, so I’m interested to see how his incredible visual style will move into this film.

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