Natalie Portman joins cast of Your Highness

Natalie PortmanVariety reported last week that Natalie Portman will be the third lead in Your Highness, a David Gordon Green-directed Universal Pictures comedy which will also star Danny McBride and James Franco, and I am pleased to note that this article has a bit more information about the plot.

McBride, who wrote the script with Ben Best, plays a lazy, arrogant prince who, with his brother (Franco), must complete a quest to save the kingdom and his brother’s fiancee. Portman will play a warrior princess with whom the lazy prince falls in love.

I’m a huge Xena fan from back in the day and the idea that Portman will finally get to to do some action sequences where her character doesn’t wither away and die from a broken heart after having acquitted herself well in the previous movie by surviving a firefight with battle droids makes me very pleased.

Also, Portman will get to show off her comedic chops, and as anyone who’s watched “Saturday Night Live” knows, she’s pretty hardcore.

Production is set to start this July in Ireland.

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