Trailer Watch: Mr. Nobody

MySpace provides us with a glimpse of Toto the Hero director Jaco van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto and Sarah Polley.

The official explanation goes:

Mr. Nemo Nobody (Leto) is 35 years old and lives an ordinary life with his wife and three kids but, somehow, he one day wakes up in the swimming pool of an opulent mansion in the year 2092. Not only is he the oldest man in the entire world, at 120, he’s also the only mortal man — nobody else is ever going to die. He tries to work out what is real, and if his real life is the one he should have lived.

Mr. Nobody comes out this winter in van Dormael’s native Belgium, but there is no American or UK release date set. (The movie itself is entirely in English, incidentally.)

Leto talks about the film a bit over in this MTV e2 interview. Just to 2:45 to get past most of the obnoxious MTV fluff. (If you only care about the movie, not Jared Leto himself, you can click away when he starts talking about how awesome Sarah Polley is.)

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  1. Written by kilawinguwak
    on 2009-05-26 at 22:31

    interesting premise. i will watch out for this baby.

  2. Written by Mike Rouse-Deane
    on 2009-06-10 at 11:12

    I really wish we had a release date for US/UK as this film looks awesome!

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