Kristen Bell takes lead in You, Again

kristen-bellI don’t know why the zeitgeist happened more with Facebook than with MySpace, but the sheer fact that now I’m vaguely in touch with people from high school with whom I’ve not had real contact in almost 15 years sometimes freaks me out—which is why I feel such a connection to the newest character on Kristen Bell’s production slate.

According to Variety, Bell will play the lead role in You, Again under Andy Fickman’s direction at Walt Disney Pictures. Bell will play a woman who discovers that her new sister-in-law-to-be is the same girl who bullied her and made high school a living hell for her, and she feels as if she’s gotta set her brother right. This will mark Fickman’s third Disney film (he’s also developing Monster Attack Network).

Again, the reason why I feel such a connection to Bell’s character is that for a very long time, I harbored a resentment towards a specific person I knew in high school, and Google-spied on this person every now and then over the years.

When I finally was able to get a message to this person via Facebook, I discovered that the thing I’d been hurt over and stewed over all these years had not happened the way that other person remembered it, which had the odd effect of making that initial hurt less important.

I wonder what direction the movie will take.

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