David O. Russell to tackle teen romance in Aaron and Sara

davidorussellWith a title that sounds like it’s from the Bible, director David O. Russell’s next film Aaron and Sara (aka B.F.F. according to IMDB) is going to be a romantic comedy, report the scribes from Variety.

To which, I say, “Bwuh?” And possibly cackle a little.

Yes, that David O. Russell, the one who had a fist-fight with George Clooney during the shooting of Three Kings and called Lily Tomlin a “cunt” while trying to shoot a scene for I Heart Huckabees. He’s going to be making a movie about teenagers in love.

According to the article, “[the] story centers on a nerdy guy and a popular girl who meet as freshmen and, over four years of high school, four proms and one funeral, become friends and eventually fall in love.”

The script is by Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey, a married couple who wrote the direct-to-DVD Legally Blondes which will be released this year and Milk‘s producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks are signed as well.

I am really looking forward to what his take on the rom-com/teen movie genre will be, and what kind of brilliant performances he can wring from today’s young actors. The idea of him putting them through their paces like work horses gives me so much schadenfreude, you know?

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