Jackie Earle Haley to haunt dreams in new Nightmare

jackieearlehaleyLast year, New Line Cinema announced that they were going to be doing a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the race was on to find someone to be its lead bad guy, the horrifically scarred and allegedly pedophillic Freddy Krueger.

Well, the search is over, for Bloody-Disgusting.com broke the news late on Friday that Jackie Earle Haley—fresh off of his turn as Rorshach in Watchmen—had finished his negotiations and would be the new Freddy Krueger. Also starring in the film according to a post made just a little bit later will be Kyle Gallner—who has just been in another nouveau-horror film The Haunting in Connecticut—and he will take on the role that Johnny Depp’s character had in the original.

The movie starts filming in Chicago next month, with music video director Samuel Bayer working from Wesley Strick’s script. I fervently hope that this new version will be closer to how awesome and genuinely psychologically scary New Nightmare was and less like the schlock-fests that most of the other movies were.

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