WB rolls out release dates for Hex, Green Lantern and more

By Alex Bailey, Warner Bros. PicturesI hope you have your calendars handy, for it’s movie release date updating time!

From Jeff Bock at ercBoxOffice.com comes a list of release dates for several Warner Bros. films, and which of the other mainstream movies they’ll be up against, courtesy of ComingSoon.net and IMDBPro.com:

December 25: Sherlock Holmes (moved from November 13)
Also scheduled for that date: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, The Princess and the Frog, an untitled Nancy Meyers romantic comedy

March 26, 2010: The Clash of the Titans
Also scheduled for that date: How to Train Your Dragon (an IMAX 3D film), Law Abiding Citizen

July 16, 2010: Inception
Also scheduled for that date: Thor

August 6, 2010: Jonah Hex

October 8, 2010: Suckerpunch

December 17, 2010: Green Lantern
Also scheduled for that date: The Smurfs

July 15, 2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
Also scheduled for that date: The Avengers

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  1. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2009-02-27 at 10:12

    Now, I wouldn’t expect Inception to do Dark Knight numbers, but Chris Nolan doing a sci-fi actioner is definitely going to pull out the comic book fanboys that Marvel needs for Thor, and to a lesser extent, Harry Potter and The Avengers are drawing on somewhat overlapping fanbases…

    I would bet money Thor gets moved, but The Avengers will probably stand firm for a while. If the next few Marvel films don’t do so hot, expect it to move, too.

    (Green Lantern vs. the Smurfs is probably pretty safe counterprogramming, on the other hand.)

  2. Written by Liam Kruger
    on 2009-03-01 at 03:02

    Honestly I’m more concerned about that deadly overlap between Sherlock Holmes and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  3. Written by Allan
    on 2009-03-02 at 08:21

    Even if upcoming Marvel films do well, Marvel still may be well advised not to put the Avengers up against Deathly Hollows II. As someone that falls squarely in the “overlap” category, Deathly Hollows II is bound to be more of an unstoppable Juggernaut then the Avengers will be.

    I mean, both are all-star casts, and both will be visual spectacles. However, (if they do it right) Deathly Hollows II is more than likely going to be the more fascinating of the 2.

    Then again, I think they really botched Order of the Phoenix when the brought that to the screen. If Half-Blood Prince is a let-down in the same way that Order was, then Potter may be the one that needs to think about shifting weekends.

    All that being said, if the come out the same weekend, I might just have to spend the whole weekend at the movie theater.

  4. Written by Liam Kruger
    on 2009-03-03 at 07:25

    Honestly, I’m not sure it matters whether or not Deathly Hallow is done ‘right’ or not – being attached to the Potter franchise makes it a sure-fire money-maker regardless. The Avengers will be a slightly – but not much – harder sell. Of the two, though, I figure DH is the larger property, so I’d be surprised if it decided to move.

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