Neil Gaiman reveals awesome details about The Graveyard Book movie

neil-gaiman-twitterOne of the things I love about Twitter is that I can vicariously live through my favorite celebrities as they go about their day through my phone. Just this afternoon after turning phone messages back on, I was “watching” British author Neil Gaiman get locked out of his hotel room while doing press interviews, and that’s how I learned that he’d won the Newbery Award for The Graveyard Book. Bravo for him, I thought, and Twittered my (belated) congratulations.

But what I hadn’t realized until tonight is that earlier that morning while I had messages turned off, Gaiman had confirmed what he told Al Roker this morning during his “Today” show appearance about the Newbery that Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, The  Brave One) will be writing and directing the animated movie. (It’s at the 1:19 mark, if you’re interested.)

Still so very excited about this movie.

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  1. Written by Liam Kruger
    on 2009-02-02 at 15:57

    This could be rather fantastic; Mr. Gaiman’s mentioned some certain amount of pride in The Graveyard Book, so we can expect a little more in the way of faithfulness to the original text than was seen in Stardust.
    Between Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman – arguably the holy trinity of the last decade in comics – Gaiman’s been the one (as far as I could see) to strike the middle ground between Miller’s comparative ‘selling out’ and Moore’s reclusiveness and spitting-of-venom all over adaptations of his work.

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