Broken Lizard director to take on battle of sexes in Opposites Attract

jay-chandrasekharI didn’t see Beerfest or Super Troopers, and that was by choice. However, based on the logline, I’m actually interested in learning more about Opposites Attract.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Opposites is a movie wherein a couple must work out their disagreements Freaky Friday-style where the woman gets to live out her dreams of peeing standing up and the man has to learn how to put a bra on rather than take one off. That, plus the several other types of life-lessons there are to be learned make this an interesting idea for a movie…as long as the right people are involved.

It will be brought to the big screen by director Jay Chandrasekhar of the Broken Lizard comedy team, but will not be a Broken Lizard picture. Instead, Bold Films is behind the venture. Considering that one of Bold’s last productions was the Emilio Estevez-written/directed/co-starred Bobby (both a critical flop and a commercial flop), I’m not entirely sure what kind of film they’ve got up their sleeves.

Other films on the Bold slate include Mini’s First Time (a dark comedy that made it to the Tribeca Film Festival and got a limited release), Come Early Morning (a critical success that got limited play), and Slingshot (which went straight to DVD after an outing at Tribeca).

It doesn’t help that the film is being written by first-time screenwriter Dan Ewen, whose only IMDB credit is that he’s the producer of a documentary about the real life races that inspired the Cannonball Run movie franchise.

So if Bold Films is into movies that stretch boundaries and taking risks with new writers, that’s a good thing. Chandrasekhar is into slapstick comedy, which is not entirely a bad thing, but I consider it to be the road too often traveled.

I think I have to wait to find out more.

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