Watchmen case settled

watchmenlogoYou will be watching the Watchmen movie on March 6th, after all. As if there was ever really any doubt, THR tells us that Warner Brothers and Fox have settled their dispute over the distribution rights for “a sizable cash payment to Fox and a percentage of the film’s box office” — but Fox will not be a co-distributor, and it will not own any of the film “going forward” (i.e. TV and DVD rights).

The studios plan to request the case be dismissed and make an official announcement tomorrow.

Warner Brothers’s lawyers aren’t done working yet, though, as the distributor intends to press Watchmen producer Lawrence Gordon and his attorneys for reimbursement of their settlement costs. Since it was Gordon’s attorney (in 1994) who negotiated the producer’s separation from Fox without knowing about a 1991 agreement on which Fox based its lawsuit, it only seems fair.

Now that all that’s done with, we can all go back to wondering whether or not the film is going to suck.

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