Bootlegs swarm film festival circuit; anime fansubbers laugh with glee

jolly-patchEven though many have been tooting this horn for years, indie filmmakers and buyers in particular are waking up to the problems that a bootleg market can create.

Above and beyond the regular concerns (over copyright, over sound and picture quality, over the loss in honest revenue), Hollywood Reporter notes that the “trade” in screener copies of partially finished films before major festivals could help ruin a legitimate theatrical buy:

Sellers say that part of the problem is that films aren’t completed, leading buyers to make potentially erroneous decisions.

But the bigger issue, they argue, is that the movies are designed to be seen with both an audience and other buyers. Sneak peeks watched from one’s living room don’t give an accurate indication of how a movie will play in theaters and can damage prospects for a theatrical sale. “There’s a reason why people select a particular audience at a particular festival and a particular environment,” one sales agent said. “And bootlegs ruin that.”

This problem is one that’s near and dear to my heart, as I personally gave up watching fansubbed anime titles after hearing a friend and English voice actor give very good and compelling reasons why one shouldn’t do so in a series of panels he’s been presenting at anime conventions for several years.

And besides, shouldn’t we all be supportive of an industry that has given to us so much?

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