Trailer Watch: Weather Girl

Weather Girl is an indie comedy-drama from writer-director Blayne Weaver starring Tricia O’Kelley as a Seattle morning show weather girl who gets fired after having an on-air freak-out, when she learns her boyfriend/anchor (Mark Harmon) has been cheating on her with the show’s co-anchor (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s amazing Kaitlin Olson). Moving in with her younger brother (Ryan Devlin), she begins to deal with being 35, single, unemployed, and dubiously famous for being the Sassy Weather Girl who lost it on live TV.

Despite somewhat of a cookie-cutter aesthetic, the cast is likeable, and the dialogue shows a few glimmers of intelligence and humor, steering far afield of the Sex and the City vibe the premise might make you to expect; it could be worth keeping an eye out for, if it makes it to a theater near you. (Weather Girl hopes to make it into theaters sometime next year, but isn’t yet slated for release.)

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