Frank Miller may—or may not—have next sights set on Buck Rogers

buck-rogers-tvReversing a trend that started this year in May, once again the idea of Frank Miller directing a feature film-version of the Buck Rogers comics and/or TV series has raised its ugly head.

All of this speculation comes courtesy of Hollywood Reporter, who really should know better than to print something like this:

Odd Lot, the shingle run by Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete, is in negotiations to option the rights to “Rogers” from Nu Image/Millennium, which obtained those rights this year from the Dille Trust [emphasis mine].

When you work in the kind of industry I do during the day, you tend to know that just because someone’s “in negotiations” or has “accepted an offer” doesn’t mean that a contract is going to be signed. I mean, for crying out loud… the AMPTP and SAG were “in negotiations” right around the same time as the last furor over Buck Rogers started and now the actors are duking it out over whether or not they should go on strike!

The rest of the article contains a bit of an idea about what a Miller-esque Buck Rogers would feel like:

[Miller] has only begun to sketch ideas, it’s expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller’s signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption.

Of course, comics artist-turned-indie director Matt Haley couldn’t resist creating a promotional poster for such a movie as well, based on an idea by Thomas Gerhardt:


With that kind of tagline, aren’t you sold?

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  1. Written by Rex Hondo
    on 2008-12-20 at 22:31

    And don’t forget the whores! It just wouldn’t be Frank Miller’s vision of anything without whores.

  2. Written by Nas
    on 2008-12-22 at 07:21

    So Wilma will dress in fetish gear and carry a whip and machine gun, Dr. Huer is going to be an evil corrupt politician and sexual deviant, and the following exchange will take place between Buck and Twiki:
    Twiki: “Who are you?”
    Buck: “What are you, retarded or something? I’m the goddamn Buck Rogers!”

  3. Written by djpowwow
    on 2008-12-23 at 03:17

    “Bidi-bidi-bidi, this is MADNESS, Buck!”

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