Two women named as first cast for Tron sequel

Wilde Garrett Tron2While Hollywood Reporter and Variety may disagree on what the film’s actual name is at this stage, the sequel to Disney’s 1982 Tron film has two of its roles officially cast.

Olivia Wilde (who is best known for her work on leading role on “House” as a doctor who doesn’t even have a first or last name) will play the female lead, a worker in the digital world who helps out in the fight against the Master Control Program, a role that sounds similar to the role that was played by Cindy Morgan in the original.

The other announced cast member is Beau Garrett, a model-turned-actress whose first film role was in Turistas—which coincidentally starred Wilde as well. There are very few details about her character as well, whom HR is only calling “a siren in the digital world.” Considering that it’s computers we’re talking about, this could mean that she’s either been signed to be a femme fatale-kind of character or she could actually play the role of an holographic announcement program.

The last bit of news about Tron 2 (or TRON 2.0 or Tr2n) comes from the gang at AICN, via their source that they’ve code-named “Ford Fairlane”:

If there has ever been a world that 3-D would totally embrace, I think it would be the world of Tron. Specifically, we are going to get a first person view from inside of a light cycle in the film [emphasis mine].

If that isn’t enough news to keep the slavering fanboy base at bay for a while, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Written by Tsiwt
    on 2008-12-23 at 04:21

    At last … geek news I can truly salivate over! Or will that short out the programs?

    Perhaps this time they’ll leave in the sex scene. That right … real Tron geeks know about the sex scene they cut out of the original.

    No, I’m not joking.

    Seriously, though, I won’t be seeing Tron 2.0 for the cyberbootie … it will be neat to see what they do with the effects, as long as they give it a halfway respectable plot and don’t go TOO stupid with the computer pseudo talk.

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