Chris Weitz set to direct Twilight sequel (updated)

goldencompass-weitzAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Golden Compass (and American Pie) director Chris Weitz has all but signed with Summit to replace Catherine Hardwicke in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. (Note the “its-official” in the filename of their article, which the news is anything but; methinks they had to correct things from an earlier draft.)

While fans of the book may or may not be disappointed with Hardwicke’s departure or that her replacement isn’t a woman, Weitz demonstrated a strong visual eye with Golden Compass and skill in directing action. While I thought the movie as a whole suffered from cramming too much into too little time (it would have benefitted greatly from another half-hour of characterization), the tone and visuals demonstrated enough talent that it’s good to see him directing another big-budget genre flick. Perhaps his second His Dark Materials movie will get a shot in the arm if this does well?

(The $180 million Golden Compass was a flop in the US, but made a touch over $300 million internationally, making it a modest success. Still, the lingering perception that it bombed makes a sequel unlikely, despite the producers’ and author’s hopes.)

UPDATED (12/13): Summit Entertainment (via Coming Soon) has issued a release making the news official.

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  1. Written by Antony
    on 2008-12-15 at 05:27

    Dammit Gordon, you just had to build up my hopes for a Golden Compass sequel just to dash them right before me didn’t you?

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