Trailer Watch: The Storm Warriors teaser

storm_warriorsHead on over to Twitch; they’ve got a brief teaser for the Pang Brothers’ Storm Riders sequel, The Storm Warriors.

Ten years after the first film (in real time, not movie time), Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok return as Wind and Cloud, to face off with a Japanese warlord called Lord Godless (Simon Yam).

The influence of 300 is obvious: not only because there’s slow-mo galore, but because the film was shot against blue screen, as was Zack Snyder’s breakthrough film. Apparently a promo reel for the American Film Market showcased another two completed scenes, and they’re “pretty damn impressive” (or, possibly, pretty damned impressive) but we’ll just have to take Twitch’s word for it for now.

The Storm Warriors is expected to be released in time for Christmas 2009 — in Hong Kong, that is. Expect a limited release (or at least a DVD) in the States and elsewhere shortly thereafter.

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