Trailer Watch: The Proposal

27 Dresses director Anne Fletcher tries to resuscitate Sandra Bullock’s career by pairing her with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. Bullock stars as as a bitchy Canadian immigrant who is about to be deported when she tries to force her assistant (Reynolds) to marry her. The situation is retarded (and would almost undoubtedly constitute sexual harassment in most states), but of course they fall in love. I’m guessing that last part, anyway. That’s how these things go, right?

Fletcher showed some real talent with actors in 27 Dresses (James Marsden and Katherine Heigl elevate a middling script to the level of “kind of enjoyable”), and there are a couple of good chuckles in the trailer, or else I wouldn’t have shared it — but I don’t know that I care to see much more of this than these two and a half minutes.

The Proposal will be released on June 12, 2009.

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  1. Written by Graehaus
    on 2008-12-11 at 02:58

    Ugh, this looks horrible. Haven’t we seen enough of these “rom-com”‘s? What happened to the straight out and out comedies. Most of the trailers is RR’s looking like ” why am i in this?”

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