Trailer Watch: Terminator: Salvation trailer (updated)

I had a bit of an Iron Giant flashback right at the end there. This movie is starting to look like a hell of a lot of fun, McG or no McG.

Terminator: Salvation opens on May 22 and stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Moon Bloodgood, Common, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Update (12/10): I’ve replaced the leaked Japanese version with the official trailer now that it’s officially up online, with decent video quality. You can also see it in Quicktime here (including HD). The offical domestic trailer contains a bit of new footage/dialogue, but it’s mostly the same stuff, just edited a bit differently.

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  1. Written by Classic
    on 2008-12-09 at 13:33

    I have but one question. Why does Christian Bale NOT use that voice for Batman instead of his current embarrassment?

  2. Written by anonymawesome
    on 2008-12-09 at 14:58

    The real problem is this: if that became the Batman voice would we have to endure the current Batman voice for his John Connor?

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