Aaron Eckhart gets to Battle in L.A.

aaron-eckhartJust in case you didn’t get enough of suave golden boy Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight this summer, you’re in luck. Hollywood Reporter noted last week that Eckhart will be the star of his very first action flick called Battle: Los Angeles for Columbia Pictures—hopefully not to be confused with Battlefield Earth in posterity.

This Battle is also a science fiction film, about a Marine platoon leader (Eckhart) and his squad who are fighting aliens in Los Angeles during an invasion. The script is by Chris Bertolini, whose last major work was adapting The General’s Daughter for its 1999 release; Jonathan Liebesman who apparently did a decent enough job directing Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning will take the helm for this one.

I’m definitely ready to believe Eckhart as a Marine, mostly because of the stark earnestness he brought to Harvey Dent in Knight. I’m also curious as to finding out more about this movie because with the advent of a different kind of sci-fi with the “new” “Battlestar Galactica” TV series and the revamped “Doctor Who,” I gotta know exactly where these aliens are supposed to be coming from and how far in the future this film will be set.

I mean, you’d think we’d have mined the “Let’s fight aliens on our own turf” genre enough with just Independence Day alone, right?

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