Son of Will Smith waxes on to Karate Kid remake

will-smith-and-familyIt must be really good to be Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son.

I mean, not only do you have parents who are pretty hip (despite their Scientologist fandom), you also get to be in a movie with your dad that’s a decent 66% fresh on the Tomatometer. Now, Variety reports that your dad and Jerry Weintraub want to remake the first Karate Kid movie, and you’re going to be the star.

Filming will be in Beijing, and the script will be written by Chris Murphy (whom IMDB claims has mostly worked in the industry as a “key digital video assist operator”) to contain the elements of the first movie that made it great: a youth who is being bullied takes steps to fight back against his tormemtors with the help of an unusual mentor.

But taking in the fact that the younger Smith is only 10 and his height (in the picture above, his father’s 6′ 2″ and his mother’s 5′ 0″; you do the math), aren’t you getting shades of 3 Ninjas, too?

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  1. Written by American Freebies
    on 2008-11-12 at 10:44

    I am a big fan of Smith. He is a great performer. Hope his son is the same.

  2. Written by MaskedVigilante
    on 2008-11-12 at 19:14

    I’m sorry to be so negative, but why? A cute little kid like that gets bullied (in Beijing??) and learns “sand the floor”…

    Pass. I love me some Big Willie too, but to be honest, I’d rather watch the 18 hours of footage from 7 different cameras that documented Election Day in the Smith house. I’d watch an edited version of that.

    10 years old and getting a franchise for Christmas. Good for him.

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