Jet Li, Jason Statham and Sly Stallone are Expendables (updated)


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jet Li and his The One and War co-star Jason Statham are teaming up with Rambo — or Sylvester Stallone, anyway — in The Expendables. (To be precise, Statham and Stallone are signed; Li is in final negotiations.) I never saw The One but hear it was bad from almost everyone who’s seen it; War was definitely a waste of their talent; but maybe the third time will be the charm for Li and Statham?

The three will play mercenaries “sent to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator to liberate the population.”

Stallone, whose most recent Rambo flick was all kinds of big, dumb and awesome, is writing and directing, just as he did with Rambo. The film is the first of a two-picture deal with Nu Image/Millennium Films; the second film is expected to be another Rambo sequel.

The Expendables begins shooting in February.

UPDATE (11/10): A more recent HR article says that Stallone wants Forest Whitaker for “a devious CIA agent involved in the operation.” It sounds more like wishful thinking than that he’s actually in negotiations, but if Whitaker would do Vantage Point, I don’t see why he wouldn’t also consider The Expendables for the right price.

Sly also mentioned that the film is aiming for a PG-13, explaining, “It won’t be a blood fest.” Alas. PG-13’s can get pretty rough these days (Dark Knight, anyone?) but I was hoping for something more along the lines of the newest Rambo, obviously.

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  1. Written by DJ Purkis
    on 2008-11-06 at 18:30

    The One…what was that all about? Li can act pretty damn well, but that was JCVD on a bad day. I like the Statham/Li combo though. It would be nice to see this turn into all kinds of awesome.

    I’ve said before that Jason Statham is the last bastion for the action hero genre, Sly’s credentials in this area don’t even need to be discussed (I know that I’m not the only one who has a guilty yet rewarding relationship with Demolition Man) and Jet Li is wuxia royalty. In theory, this should make for a perfect 1+1+1=3 formula.

    The only thing that could make this better? Van Damme himself, maybe. And a masked villain, who ultimately reveals himself to be…Dolph Lundgren. We’ll also bring Kurt Russell in for the sequel to this inevitable box office smash hit.

  2. Written by James Harmer
    on 2008-11-06 at 18:43

    Van Damme, Dolph Lungren, and Jurt Russell are all pretty old. You might be able to throw in the incredibly aged Sly Stallone but putting too many senior citizens into an action flick would not make for an exciting flick. Grumpy Old Men has already been made.

  3. Written by BlueNight
    on 2008-11-09 at 23:07

    The One was the first big movie after The Matrix to attempt the combination of Bullet Time and pseudophilosophy. It worked to the degree it could work. The Bullet Time was as good as or better than The Matrix, and a canon explanation was given as to why it happened.

    I think the people who gave you those reviews were just mad at the ending. It’s culturally Eastern and superficially Western, like DWAR (I mean Dragon Wars) and Cloverfield, so I’m sure most people just didn’t understand it.

  4. Written by steve jw
    on 2009-03-15 at 06:44

    the jet/jason combo is the best combo since… anyways they’re awesome together and anyone who didn’t like ‘the one’ didn’t see the art in the movie or jet li’s true acting potential.

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