Lost for Words loses Hugh Grant

hughgrantOn Sunday, Variety reported that professional British cute-and-bumbling guy Hugh Grant will no longer be attached to a romantic comedy called Lost for Words about a British actor who falls for a Chinese director (Ziyi Zhang, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) via her interpreter.

Quoth his people, “They were not able to get a script everyone agreed on but it’s our understanding that [production studio] Working Title is moving ahead with the project and Hugh wishes them well.”

I have to tell you, my brain is going through convolutions trying to figure out the plot details. What kind of actor would he have been? A stage one? A dramatic actor? Why would the Chinese director have gone for a British actor when she could have gotten one from Australia? What about this actor makes him special? And how are they going to get away from superficial Lost in Translation comparisons?

I must find out more.

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