Kevin Smith is planning a space mission, too

kevin_smithWell, it looks Brad Pitt isn’t the only one with a sci-fi jones today: Kevin Smith is reportedly setting his sights on the stars, as well, setting up an as-yet-untitled science fiction comedy with the Weinstein Company, to launch into production after his as-yet-unfinanced Red State, a horror movie about religious extremism, or something.

Considering he calls Red State “bleaker than Dark Knight,” “not nearly as good as Dark Knight,” and “(not) commercial at all,” it’s fair to say that Hollywood’s lily-livered asses may not have the balls to pay for the flick before it’s hoped-for spring ’09 start — but hopefully the man will get to do whatever he wants to do.

The sci-fi comedy, whenever it gets under way, will “reference other space movies and (revolve) around a father-son relationship” (hmmm…), and it will be Smith’s largest budget ever — somewhere in the ballpark of $40–50 million; Zack and Miri Make a Porno cost $25 million.

Whatever happens, Smith has Zack and Miri out on October 31. Hooray!

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  1. Written by Clinton
    on 2008-10-17 at 21:27

    This makes me nervous. Kevin Smith is one of my favorite writer/directors, but hasn’t this already been done? (Spaceballs, anyone?) It almost seems like he want’s to do a parody movie, which we all know never works out.

  2. Written by nick
    on 2008-10-19 at 10:17

    if it is a parody movie would that be so bad. yes theres the spaceballs idea of retreading home ground but there hasn’t really been that bigger sci fi parody since spaceballs and thats 21 years old. 21 years provides alot more movies to parody. lets face it the spoof genre has been ruined of late by the scary movie domino effect so much so that they are not even spoofs anymore. look at disaster movie – incredible hulk, iron man, sex and the city, juno, don’t mess with the zohan, amy winehouse and miley cyrus all got spoofed in barely funny ways but towering inferno, poseidon, titanic, and a million actual disaster movies didn’t (i admit i base this on trailer as i would not sit through it). So ask yourself would a well written sci fi parody movie that actually spoofed the genre done made by a person/people with actual love for the films they are spoofing be so bad?

  3. Written by Lethal Interjection
    on 2008-10-20 at 17:40

    I’m about 95% sure it isn’t parody. I used to be part of the his web community, and he’s been talking about this movie since Jersey Girl. And I’m fairly certain it is an original script. Originally the title was going to be Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers, though it sounds like they aren’t firmed on that title. I don’t think he’s finished the script, but it has been floating in his head for quite a few years now (which pretty much confirms that it isn’t parody, in my opinion).

  4. Written by Gordon
    on 2008-10-20 at 19:52

    This is actually a different sci-fi project, unrelated to Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers — as the man himself told Cinema Blend about a month ago.

  5. Written by Chris
    on 2008-10-21 at 08:14

    Yes parody movies have become a contrived and trite medium the past few years (Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie, Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans) but my hope is that Smith will make a smart parody movie that doesn’t pander to 12 year olds, much like Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have done with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I would really like to see the emergence of the smart parody genre start to be explored by more directors.

  6. Written by Lethal Interjection
    on 2008-10-22 at 00:01

    And that is what happens when you fall out of the loop. Thanks. I’d feel worse about the replacing of Ranger Danger with this other project, but Kevin never really did give much info about it, so I don’t even know what was lost regarding Ranger Danger.
    I hope it isn’t a parody either. The only parodies I’ve been able to stand have been the Austin Powers series and maybe Men In Tights, but they aren’t strictly parodies, really (and yes, I haven’t forgotten about Spaceballs, I just hated it). Newer parodies are so A.D.D. Actually they tend to remind me of Robot Chicken, but the disjointed series of one-off jokes is Robot Chicken’s schtick, it isn’t trying to be a long movie.
    On the other hand, I trust Kevin, so even with parody, I’m sure it won’t be typical.

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