Japan tempts fate again with release of yet another CG pic based on a videogame

In advance of its October 18 release in Japan, Friday was the premiere of the all-CG movie Resident Evil: Degeneration at the Tokyo Game Show. Evil fans have already had months to pour over the trailer (warning: pop-up) and whatever scant news they could get from the San Diego Comic Con panel and obsess that the movie was pairing up RE 2 characters Leon and Claire again to combat zombie hordes in an airport. But it was only the lucky media and videogame industry professionals who got to see the full film. And what was the verdict?

Well, the only place that seems to have a review up right now is Wired.com, courtesy of Chris Kohler and Jean Snow, who write for the blog Game Life:

Chris Kohler: I kept waiting for the videogame to start.

Jean Snow: The videogame that we wanted to play actually came when it was all done, when Capcom showed a game trailer that looked better than the entire 90-minute film we’d just watched.

Kohler: Yeah, what does it say about Resident Evil: Degeneration when the trailer for the videogame Resident Evil 5 actually had nicer CG graphics than the movie?

And there you have it. But if you’re really a fan, you’ll go and check it out for yourself when it comes to the U.S. Blu-Ray on December 30. And if you’re really a fan, you’ll plunk down your shekels to get to the New York City Horror Film Festival that starts on November 13 or the Fangoria screening in L.A. on November 18.

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