Bo Burnham + Judd Apatow = Singing stoner slackers?

Who knew that when 16-year old Bo Burnham started crafting music videos for his brother who was away at college in 2006, only two years later would he be represented by one of the top agencies in the U.S., with a Comedy Central record deal and publications like Hollywood Reporter stating that he was “in talks” with hit comedy director Judd Apatow to co-write a musical?

This is just further proof that the Hollywood dream is not dead; it’s just moved to the Internet. The best part about this is that Burnham does indeed have some wicked songwriting chops – though I find his habit of using callbacks in almost every chorus to be a crutch. Go study some Sondheim and Cole Porter! Your career will thank me for it!

Posted on October 1, 2008 at 07:12 by Trisha Lynn · Permalink
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