Trailer Watch: Breakfast with Scot

Based on a novel by Michael Downing comes veteran TV director Laurie Lynd’s Breakfast with Scot, the story of two gay men — a former Toronto Maple Leaf turned sports commentator (Scrubs’ Tom Cavanagh) and his partner (Ben Shenkman) —  who become the temporary guardians of a “swishy” young kid (Noah Bernett).

Freaked out by Scot’s ‘joie de vivre,’ Eric and Sam gently nudge Scot away from scented hand cream and all things pink, towards a more ‘acceptable’ pastime – hockey. But after Scot’s disastrous first game, Eric begins to rethink the compromises he’s made in his own life in order to be accepted.

Apple has a new trailer up, although another, funnier trailer found its way online last year, which you can find on YouTube.

Sure, the premise is another “be true to yourself” family-friendly comedy — except with a gay couple — but it also look funny and sincere, and that’s the important thing. Released last year in Canada (it’s even out on DVD there already), Breakfast with Scot comes out in America on October 10.

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  1. Written by MaskedVigilante
    on 2008-09-29 at 19:42

    Ugh. When will Hollywood stop shoving this goofy-faced lame nice guy actor Tom Cavanagh at us?

    He’s a lawyer! And he owns a bowling alley! (Big goofy smile!)

    He’s a movie killer, for sure.

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