MOVIE Watch: Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising online, free, in its entirety

Michael Moore’s latest film, Slacker Uprising, is available free, legally, online, and commercial-free. You can watch it above — or see it bigger various ways:

  1. is providing streaming right from, free of commercials and advertising.
  2. Amazon Video on Demand is providing a higher resolution version of the above stream for people with lots of bandwidth.
  3. iTunes will make it easy for you to download “Slacker Uprising” on your iTunes, iPod, or Apple TV, and view it there or transmit it to your television. This way, the film can be portable as well as for home viewing. This is not available yet, but will be soon!
  4. Hypernia is providing bandwidth and servers to host MPEG4 and DivX versions of “Slacker Uprising” online, so you can burn a DVD or download the film to watch on your computer, XBOX, or PS3.
  5. Lycos is providing free streaming of the film and an on-demand version.

For the love of Christ, vote.

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  1. Written by Alison P
    on 2008-09-25 at 20:50

    Thanks for posting this! I am going to pester everyone I know about watching this.

  2. Written by Watch Movies Online
    on 2009-12-27 at 03:59

    this movie is inspiring me.

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