Trailer Watch: Ballast

Not being “in the loop” about movies any more than you, indie movies often sneak up on me, sometimes months after I might have otherwise heard of them, such as this film, Ballast, the first feature by writer-director Lance Hammer, which won the Best Director Award at this year’s Sundance. In an odd way, for someone who chooses to write a movie blog, I almost prefer it that way — when a movie hits me like a lightning bolt of genius.

Anyway, Ballast, which has a trailer up at Apple now, deals with the effects of a man’s suicide on three people living in the Mississippi Delta, and it looks like a stunner. (The glowing praise in the trailer from a variety of film critics, most of whom I respect, certainly helps.) I’m reminded a bit of David Gordon Green’s George Washington and All the Real Girls, but without some of the artifice (i.e. the voiceovers) of those films, instead opting for something even more understated and naturalistic.

I’ll be looking for it at the local art-house theaters sometime after October 1, 2008, when it opens in New York City. Hammer talks about the improvised dialogue in a short clip for IFC over at YouTube. indieWire has an interview with him from around Sundance, too.

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