Making Out with the Media: The Rundown for September 14, 2008

Wendy and Lucy Star, Distributor Get the NY Times Treatment
If there’s one thing I love about print media, it’s their flair for timing. First up was a September 7 profile on Wendy and Lucy star Michelle Williams (yes, they talked about Ledger’s death) and two days later, there was a profile on Beastie Boy MCA, whose indie film label Oscilloscope picked up the film, which opens in limited release on December 10. I’m still not convinced that online press can secure that kind of star access.

Sid and Marty Krofft Strike Universal Gold Again with Sea Monsters
The deal to make a movie based on the live-action/puppet show “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” came right on the heels of production being completed on Land of the Lost, which stars Will Ferrell and will screen in June 2009. (Source: Variety)

Mamma Mia! Lead to Continue Schmaltzy Movie Streak with Sparks Novel Adaptation
It looks like the upcoming dark comedy Jennifer’s Body-starring, “Big Love” daughter of polygamists-portraying Amanda Seyfried is swinging back to the fluffy, romcom side of things with a lead role in Dear John, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. Now that’s how you throw a change-up into a movie career. (Source: Variety)

Daniels, Ryan Reynolds, and Lisa Kudrow to Star in Paper Man
The story is described as a coming of age comedy focused on the friendship between a failed author (that’s Jeff Daniels) and a Long Island teen. I am trying my best not to make a reference to Alexander Nabokov’s novel Lolit—DAMNIT! (Source: Variety)

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