DeNiro out, Winstone in Edge of Darkness

Robert DeNiro left Casino Royale director Martin Campbell’s Mel Gibson-starring Edge of Darkness last week, after less than a week on the job due to “creative differences,” leaving the film to shoot around DeNiro’s role.

Now comes word from Variety that one of my favorite actors, Ray Winstone (The Proposition, Beowulf), is filling DeNiro’s role as a CIA operative in the thriller. It’s not often that you get to say this about an acting legend such as DeNiro (even if he’s been taking far too many shit scripts lately), but I think Winstone is a step up.

Although there’s obviously some tabloid-style speculation about why DeNiro left (which I’ll decline to repeat), the most plausible — and least dramatic — is producer Graham King’s explanation: “The issue really was that Bob saw the character one way and we saw it another. And it was hard for Martin, especially, to get his head around how Bob wanted to portray the actor.”

Based on the 1985 British TV show (a six-hour series), the story revolves around a Boston PD homicide detective (Gibson), who investigates the murder of his activist daughter and finds a corporate cover-up and a government conspiracy. (None of the plot descriptions I’ve read even hint at the original show’s science fictiony elements — namely that the conspiracy reveals a threat to the future of life on Earth — so it’s possible they’re playing this version a little more real.)

Edge of Darkness co-stars Winstone’s Proposition co-star Danny Huston as a slimeball businessman and Bojana Novakovic (Sam Raimi’s upcoming Drag Me to Hell) as Emma, Gibson’s daughter. The film will be released next year.

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