Fox and Warner Bros. in Stand-off Over Watchmen as Trial Date Approaches

Image by Del Far20th Century Fox will get its day in court as Los Angeles federal judge Gary Allen Feess has set the trial date for the lawsuit over the rights to the Warner Bros. Watchmen film for January 9. (Source: Variety)

Feess also said that the issues were too complex to be resolved on an interim basis, which to my eyes somewhat contradicts a previous statement of his which was that he wants the case to move quickly. Why not assign a court mediator or negotiator to the case right now? I’m probably going to reveal a lot of naievete by saying this, but surely 20th Century Fox already has all of its documentation ready to be entered into evidence and all of its witnesses, right? You don’t just go and say, “Dude, I think I still own your blockbuster movie” if you don’t have concrete proof, right?

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