Trailer Watch: The Burrowers international trailer

Video game writing vet (Splinter Cell, Batman Begins) and direct-to-DVD Mimic: Sentinel (Mimic 3) director JT Petty is hoping to find his way back to theaters with a horror-western, The Burrowers. The creatures aren’t terribly easy to see from these bitmapped frames, but if the (largely practical, not CG) effects hold up and the deadly serious, creepy tone of the trailers stays on the right side of believeable, this could be a Pitch Black-style cult hit.

The Burrowers premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is listed as a 2008 release at various places, but I can’t seem to find anything concrete about when or if that will actually happen. Twitch has an enthusiastic review of the film from back in June, and you can read a bit more about the film in this interview with Petty over at ShockTillYouDrop.

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