Trailer Watch: Humboldt County

Surprisingly enough, Humboldt County is not another stoner comedy — it’s a drama, and it looks like a surprisingly smart and affecting one, at that.

Peter Hadley (Jeremy Strong) — a promising yet disillusioned medical student failed by his professor (Peter Bogdanovich) — stumbles upon a remote community of counterculture marijuana farmers [in Humboldt County, naturally] and a warmly embracing, yet eccentric family played by Frances Conroy, Fairuza Balk, Chris Messina, Brad Dourif, and newcomer Madison Davenport. From directors Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, who also co-wrote the screenplay, Humboldt County is a story of the human soul in search of happiness, and the unexpected places we can sometimes call home.

You can see the trailer in high def over at Apple. Humboldt County hits theaters on September 26.

Anybody know the name of the song in the trailer? It sounds a bit like Aimee Mann.

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  1. Written by Brandon LeBoeuf
    on 2008-08-29 at 20:26

    Its called “Happy Alone” by Earlmart. You can hear it on their Myspace page. Its a really great song. But then again, I’m obsessed with Aimee Mann so I probably have a certain bias.

  2. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-08-29 at 21:00

    Thanks so much! I just bought the album (God bless iTunes) and I’m listening to it now. I have another Earlimart album; their sound has changed a lot since Treble & Tremble.

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