Name That Film Shoot! (update)

NameThatFilm1Michael Pinto mostly blogs about anime and geek culture, but he keeps another, separate blog about being a vegetarian nerd in the hipster capital of NYC, Williamsburg in Brooklyn. A recent post of his has me very curious, since it looks like it’s for a major production because only for a major production would someone go to the trouble of exterior set decoration.

My Google-fu (and NYC’s very helpful “Please shoot your movie and spend money in our city!” site) has told me that it’s not the comedy called City Island, and that’s thanks to director Raymond De Filitta’s blog about that film’s production. I’ve bookmarked it to read and pour over later, mostly based on the fact that there’s tons of behind-the-scenes clips that he uploaded to YouTube.

It’s not Entre Nos either, and that’s based on the fact that the indie movie is set in Queens, and if Queens residents ever got wind of the fact that Brooklyn was going to be their stand-in, there’d be some trouble somewhere… It, too, has a blog that I’m probably going to check out.

The Exploding Girl doesn’t have a blog and doesn’t have a page on the IMDB, which makes me wonder if it’s either too small to be the movie in question or a pseudonym for some other bigger movie.

It’s not Revolutionary Road because that movie takes place in the suburbs of 1950s Connecticut. Reading about that film, btw, makes me curious enough to consider watching it because not only does it star Leonardo diCaprio as a father (yes, he’s old enough to do that now) his co-star is Kate Winslet, and it’s the first movie they’ve made together since Titanic. I’m not a huge Leo fan, but I have always respected his acting choices.

Which leaves us with The Tested, and I think this one might be the winner. The synopsis on the IMDB site is flimsy and kinda makes it sound like the other, larger production film that was filming in Brooklyn, but that will all change once more details appear.

Of course, there’s only one way to be sure of which film’s shooting and that’s for me to go to Williamsburg today to grill some crew members…

UPDATE: Possible false alarm, as NYC real estate blog Curbed thinks it’s for TV series “Life on Mars.” This post isn’t a complete wash, though, because now I have two new interesting production blogs to read! – TL

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