Making Out with the Media: The Rundown for August 24, 2008

[Gordon and I are toying with the format for the all-purpose news posts; let us know what you think! – TL]

MGM to Remake Poltergeist; No Director Yet
Scriptwriters Stiles White and Juliet Snowden (The Boogeyman) have been tapped, and here’s hoping they don’t fall victim to the alleged Poltergeist Curse. (Source: Variety)

Jackson + Walsh + Boyens + The Hobbit Movies = Satisfied Tolkein Geeks
In a move everyone was hoping for and would have wreaked havoc if it didn’t take place, Lord of the Rings director and puppet master Peter Jackson along with his writing partners (and wife) Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens have signed on to collaborate with announced director Guillermo del Toro on the two movies that will make up The Hobbit. In other news, water is wet, and the sky is blue. (Source: Variety)

Miyazaki’s Latest Film Clears ¥10 Billion, Sets New Box Office Record
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is the first Japanese film to make this much money since Hayao Miyazaki’s 2004 film Howl’s Moving Castle. No, not the first animated film — the first film period. Suck on that, anime-haters! (Source: Variety)

Catfight Between SAG Factions Heating Up Going into Board Elections
Spokespersons for both MembershipFirst and Unite for Strength took swipes at each other, complete with blog posts, secret leaked emails, and bombastic speeches by Martin Sheen (“The West Wing”). All of this is in advance of the board elections which will be decided by September 18. It’s good to know that professional actors have the maturity of teenagers on Fandom Wank, isn’t it? (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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  1. Written by Jeremy
    on 2008-08-25 at 02:32

    This format is fine for me. Also, the line “In other news, water is wet, and the sky is blue. (Source: Variety)” was highly amusing.

  2. Written by Kelly
    on 2008-08-26 at 23:23

    You guys know it says 1998, not 2008, right? Was this on purpose? Or did you guys just miss that?

  3. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-08-27 at 08:07

    Thanks, Kelly.

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